A Cost-effective Website for your Carpet Cleaning Business

Are you considering a web site for your carpet cleaning business? Concerned about the time and expense involved?

the internet marketing company offers you, a highly cost-effective and powerful website system designed to get your carpet cleaning business on-line as quickly, cheaply and effectively as possible.

For an initial setup cost starting at £349+VAT and a monthly fee of £37+VAT you can have a fully functional website with all the features you need to get your Internet presence working for you. You also get a directory entry and link to your site in the internet marketing company's website - this will generate more visitors to your site.

What is this website?

We are offering a new kind of website which enables you to establish and grow your carpet cleaning business on the Internet.

It is specifically designed for non-technical users so you can take control of your web site and do things like:

  • Update your site any time -  from anywhere in the world without specialist technical skills.
  • Use eMail marketing - send your clients and prospects email to help generate more sales Build your on-line community with newsletters, message boards and chat.
  • Collect information from site visitors by web forms - helps you gather prospects or research your customers' needs from your web site
  • Have eMail accounts for you and your staff - all @yourdomain.com
  • Measure the activity on your site and of referrals from other sites - allows you to measure the return on investment on marketing programs
  • Control access to parts of the site by means of login/password - lets you offer special information to registered customers only
  • Sell your products on-line and accept credit cards using the built-in shopping cart

The only skills you need are a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and an ability to 'Surf the Net'.

What does the internet marketing company add to your website?

the internet marketing company adds the following services to allow you to fully exploit its potential:  An initial consultation to help you set business goals for your internet presence and establish how we can help you achieve them.  Design and creation of a web site to support your business goals. Training to enable you to manage and develop your own site - this makes the web site an integral part of your business which can easily and quickly be changed to meet your developing needs and Ongoing support for your website

If any further site development is required, the internet marketing company can also provide this as an add-on service.

Who is this website for?

This website is specifically designed for carpet cleaners in the UK and is used by over 58,000 businesses worldwide - many of whom are carpet cleaners.

How is this website different from other systems?

The main difference between our solution and other ways of developing an Internet presence are:  

It is designed to allow you to be able to manage and develop your own site without learning technical web development tools - other organisations will charge you to make changes to do the work for you or will require you to learn technical skills.

In addition to allowing you to manage your web site, it offers a more complete set of tools (Newsletter management, email marketing, chat rooms, etc) than other packages which means you can get what you need to develop your Internet business in a single package

How much does the website cost?

The price is divided into two parts:

  • Setup cost - this will depend on how much work you would like the internet marketing company to do to set up your initial site and your training requirements. the internet marketing company has a special entry-level setup price of £349+VAT for a site which is optimised to do well on Google and you can update and develop yourself. This includes a 1-day training course to ensure you can manage your site and get it to the top of Google.
  • Monthly running costs - these costs cover website hosting, email, access to the website management tools which you need to manage and develop your site. Also covered is an entry in the internet marketing company's on-line directory plus a link from their website - this will bring more visitors to your website and help improve its ranking with the search engines.The special price for this is £37+VAT per month.

Additional services

the internet marketing company can help you with all other aspects of setting up and developing your on-line presence. This includes: logo design and branding, website customisation, search-engine optimisation, training and support - please ask if there is anything you need.

For more information

For more information or to book a free consultation, call the internet marketing company on 01353 880362 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.