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Conversion Rate Enhancement for Better Website Performance

The conversion rate of your website is the percentage of visitors who do what you want them to do, as a result of viewing your site, such as:

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  • Get more leads from your website
  • No need to improve Google ranking
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  • Complete an enquiry form to become a sales lead
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Typical conversion rates range from well below 1% (poor) to 10% (excellent) with most sites being in the -1% area, if they have not paid attention to improving conversion rates before.

Get More Leads Without More Visitors


Since our site was tuned to improve its conversion rate, we've been getting more than double the leads.


Kalpesh Patel


Improving your site's conversion rate can make a massive difference to its effectiveness and is often not difficult to do - for example if your site is converting 0.5% of visitors to sales leads and you improve that to 1%, you have doubled the number of leads you get without having to attract any more visitors.

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