the internet marketing company can help you get your domains.  For some clients this is their first domain.  For others, adding domains to their portfolio is a regular occurrence.  Adding a domain is more than buying the URL.  A domain has to purchased from a provider.  Once the purchase is complete it has to be setup to host a website, or forward to an existing site on another domain.  Additional services can be added to the domain including email and intranets.  Once it is set up, it has to be managed on a regular basis so it doesn't go back into the public domain.


Domains are an asset to a business.  Some are worth substantial value on their own.  Adding domains can offer a way of getting visitors to your site from specific areas or regarding specific topic.  By adding domains you can specialise your message to the target audience.

the internet marketing company offers domain services to all of its customers.  For non-tIMC customers an admin charge is added.

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