eCommerce & Business Web Site Design

More people are searching for products and services online. You have the opportunity to capitalise on this by making sure you get found.

A business web site should be the hub of all its marketing - both on and off the Internet. It provides all of the following services 24/7:

  • Online brochure
  • System to help in the collection and qualification of sales leads
  • Pre-sales enquiry system
  • New sales channel thru e-commerce website
  • Customer service system including post-sales support

Free consultation on eCommerce website design

the internet marketing company specialises in website design for local UK businesses. Through our consultation, we will have a good understanding of your business needs and design objectives. From that we will be able to deliver the best possible web site for your budget and requirements. Your web site needs to be practical for your business needs and functional for your business capabilities.

We categorise our client's web sites into eBusiness and eCommerce sites. eBusiness web sites are sites designed for small and start-up businesses and include website, email hosting, website management and Internet marketing tools. eCommerce web sites include all of the above plus shopping cart and eCommerce functionality and reporting tools. For a full list of website features, click here.

How much does it cost?

When you consider the business and eCommerce features available with our web sites, many people would think that it costs thousands of pounds. In fact, your web site can be live for a very low cost.

Our typical small and start-up clients will spend £500-1000 to get their business web site up and running to their requirements.

Small business web site packages which include the internet marketing company designing and creating your web site, and everything you would need, start at £495 for a four-page site, plus monthly hosting fees. If you prefer to build the web site yourself, packages start at £195, plus monthly hosting fees. eCommerce site pages start at £845 plus monthly hosting fees. Additional pages and services can be added on for a nominal fee or you can do it yourself! Your web site can grow as your business grows.

Find out more with our free consultation

Contact the internet marketing company on 01353 880362 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today for a free consultation to discuss the best business and eCommerce web site options for your business.