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Email Marketing

Sadly, people who need your company's products and services do not always decide to go ahead when they first get in touch with you. It can often be weeks or even months before they are ready to purchase.

And on that day when they finally decide to purchase, will they still remember you? The answer is sadly rarely, and the longer the gap between initial contact and purchase, the less likely they are to come back to you.

Have you ever called a lead back only to discover that they have bought from someone else? Not because they did not like your company, but because they had forgotten.

How do you keep your company in your leads' minds?

It is rarely feasible or cost-effective to call your leads every month but if you don't, they become increasingly likely to forget you.

The solution is email marketing - send a regular, helpful and informative, but short email to all of your leads just so they remember you... and if you include a compelling reason to proceed, a percentage of them will.

Do all your customers know about all your services?

Have you ever spoken to a customer and discovered that they have bought a product or service that you sell from another company? They bought Product A from your and didn't know that you also sell Product B so went elsewhere... this not only loses income, but also allows another company, who may be competition, to get into your customer.

In the same way as email marketing helps keep your leads warm, it can be used to ensure your clients know everything about what you can do to help them.

And because it is far easier t sell to an existing client than find a new one, you will find it a lot easier to get them to buy your new services than people who do not already know you.

We can help you set up email marketing

There are many free and effective email marketing tools that will enable you to get started with this vital Internet marketing technique and we can help you:

  • Select the right mail marketing tool for your requirements
  • Create a branded email marketing template so your emails look professional and reinforce your brand
  • Import your data into the system
  • Learn how to use the tool for all your requirements
  • Measure the results

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