Mobile Phone Website Design

The numbers of people doing searches and viewing websites on mobile phones has been exploding exponentially month on month since 2010.  Some of the markets that have been particularly growing are:

  • Retail and Restaurants - 1,342%
  • Automotive - 723%
  • Finance - 379%
  • Telecoms - 242%
  • Health: Fitness and Wellbeing - 183%
  • Education: 130%.

mobile phone website design growth

Consequently, more and more companies have responded by making mobile-friendly, scaled-down versions of their websites for easier viewing by their mobile visitors. As more companies follow suit, those that don't will be left out in the cold, as surfers will prefer to use websites that are easy to see on their phones.

For these reasons, getting your mobile phone website designer to create a mobile-friendly website before your competitors do is really important.

mobile website designersHow fast are things changing?

By August 2011, nearly 13% of all visitors were viewing websites on a mobile device in the UK, and 45% of all UK Internet users (17.6 million people) used a mobile phone to connect to the Internet between January and August 2011.

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