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As time goes on, more and more of your potential clients will be looking for you online and it will not be long before the vast majority of your new business will come from online sources.

Therefore, building your organisation's skills in Internet marketing is very important for it's long term future.

Your website is an asset of your business


the internet marketing company has taught us fantastic techniques which generate thousands of visitors a day to our sites... they have been very successful and brought in lots of business for us.


Richard Maude
Telephone Plus Ltd


Furthermore, a well functioning Web Presence backed up by appropriate Social Media can be regarded as a major asset of your business. For example, if your website brings in 10 new leads each month, of which half get closed to sales worth say £2,000 each, that means your website generates £10,000 of sales each month or £120,000 per year.

Bring Internet marketing skills in-house

So if you are able to bring the skills required to manage this asset in-house, it will be a big advantage.

To help you achieve this in the best way for your organisation, we offer:

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