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Web Site Design

How we help

Your company's web site is the hub of all your marketing - both on and off the Internet. It is vital that it both captures the attention of visitors, and encourages them to contact you, thereby turning visitors into potential customers.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your site achieve this, please call us on 01353 880362 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free consultation

Your web site can provide all of the following services 24/7 to customers and potential customers across the entire UK:

  • Online brochure for your company
  • System to help in the collection and qualification of sales leads
  • Pre-sales enquiry system
  • New sales channel through an eCommerce web site
  • Customer service system including post-sales support and training.

Includes Content Management System (CMS)


Our website is our key marketing tool so keeping it up to date is vital for my business... and so easy.


Sam Turner
The Essex Events Company


Keeping your site up to date and adding new pages is vitally important for a successful website. With our Content Management System, you can do this yourself with minimum technical skills (just basic PC knowledge). Our service is totally flexible and can meet the unique needs of every business.

Free business web site design consultation

We offer a FREE web site consultation. Through this exercise we will establish a good understanding of your needs and design objectives.  From there we can deliver the best possible web design for your business' budget and requirements. 

A website for your needs

Your website needs to be both practical for your business needs and functional for your business capabilities.

We categorise our client's websites according to their needs:

  1. eBusiness sites - these sites are designed to generate sales leads (as opposed to directly selling goods) and are normally the easiest to build and manage. They are also most common kind of website design
  2. eCommerce sites - these sites include the ability to directly take orders for products and services where payment is collected on the site, normally by credit card. They are more involved and complex and need to include more security to ensure the transactions are safe.

Website performance tracking

Keeping track of how well your website is performing is vital to make sure you are getting the most from your investment.

We install tools to allow this on all of our websites:

  • Google Analytics - this means you always know vital information such as the number of visitors your site gets and where they are coming from (and a huge amount more)
  • Google Webmaster Tools - this make sure Google can quickly and easily add all your site's pages to its "index" (its database of all web pages in the world). This is vital to ensure that your site comes up as high as possible on search results

How much does it cost?

When you consider the features available with our websites, many people would think that it costs thousands of pounds.  In fact, your site can be live and generating sales for a very small amount. We will meet with you and together we will identify your requirements, providing you with a detailed breakdown of exactly how much your site would cost.  However our typical clients will spend £500 - £1,500 to get their web site up and running.

For example:

  • Business web site design packages which include the internet marketing company creating your site, web site training and everything you would need, start at £495 for a four-page site, plus monthly hosting fees. 
  • If you prefer to build the web site yourself, packages start at £195, plus monthly hosting fees.
  • eCommerce web site design packages start at £845 plus monthly hosting fees.

Grow your website as time and budget permit

In all cases, we can add additional pages and services, as and when you decide to introduce them, for a nominal fee - or you can add them yourself at no cost.

We offer a complete and totally flexible service, designed to meet the unique needs of your growing business. 

Free website consultation

Your website can work harder and really help to grow your business.

Contact us now for a free consultation to discuss the best website design options for your business.

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