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Web Site Visitors

How we help
  • Increase the visibility of your site
  • Attract more visitors
  • Encourage those visitors to contact you or buy your products
  • Improve your conversion rate
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To get the best results out of your web site, the first step is to get as many visitors as possible to the site.  The best way to increase the number of visitors to your site is by optimising for Google (more than 90% of searches are done on Google).

Getting Prospects to Find You

Potential customers use search engines to find sites that sell the same products or services as your site.  Highly optimised sites will appear first and non-optimised sites will be relegated to a lower position, and your potential customers may not see your site at all.  The goal is to get your company listed on Page 1 of Google search results for terms related to your business.

Getting Visitors to Click

The second step is to increase your 'conversion rate', ensuring that as many of those visitors as possible get in touch or buy your products.  This requires work on the content and the structure of your site. 

the internet marketing company can complete a FREE SEO evaluation of your site to review these topics.


What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of tuning your website to be more competitive with search engines, with the goal to have a better position in the results of a search conducted online through Google.

Why is SEO important? 

Search engine optimisation is really important if you want your website to be found by potential clients.  The higher on search results, the more visitors to your site, the greater the level of sales generated for your business.

If your business requires higher levels of visibility on the web, then the internet marketing company offers added value services for advanced search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Contact your local SEO consultant on 01353 880362,  to identify how we can help improve the performance of your website through internet marketing and therefore help you to grow your business.

See our Search Engine Optimisation page for more information on our Search Engine Marketing services.  Contact us for a free consultation on how to optimize your website through internet marketing.